Is Your Local Business Website Mobile-Friendly?

Do You Have A Website That’s Mobile Responsive? Take A Quick Test…

As of April 2015, Google released a major ranking algorithm update that was created to give mobile-friendly websites higher visibility in Google Search results.

But what exactly is a mobile-friendly website you ask?

Let me ask you…Have you ever visited a website on your cell phone and the text was so small that you couldn’t even read it? Or the pictures bled clear off of the screen?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to this question then you’ve experienced a website that wasn’t mobile-friendly (or mobile responsive). Essentially, to make the user experience the best one possible, you don’t want to have to ‘pinch & squeeze’ or scroll excessively to see the content on the webpage.

Google says that mobile search has surpassed desktop search in recent years and as a response to this they are adjusting with the times. And if the Google has to adjust, you better believe – savvy small business owner – that we do too!

Customers nowadays don’t give a second thought to their mobile habits. It’s become a way of life, so much so, one can hardly recall what life was like before it.

(I’m one of the ‘middle of the road’ folks that can still remember when if a person called and you weren’t home, they left a message and you just called them when you got back home. Or if you wanted to watch a movie, you actually went to the theater and felt the impact of a big screen, as opposed to watching it on a little device sitting in your lap.)

As consumer, we get it, it makes total sense and has become a major convenience in our daily lives but as a local business owner, do we take this into account? Do we really get it?

Why Does It Matter?

As a local business, if you’re not actively paying attention to your mobile users, you’re losing out and they will go to your competitors who are. Check out this startling statistic…

“… 93.3 percent of small business websites are not mobile compatible despite the astounding 4 out of 5 consumers using a smartphone to shop — this according to SCORE, a nonprofit supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration that helps small businesses nationwide…” — Search Engine Land Report

And according to a recent study from Google, a nearly 50% of smartphone users who searched for a local service went on to visit that establishment the same day. Imagine what that could mean for your business? More walk-ins obviously, but also more appointments, more traffic in the pipeline, more predictable monthly revenues?

So what’s the next step?

If your website hasn’t been updated since the dinosaurs became extinct (that’s the early 2000’s in Internet years…quite similar to dog years actually) then it’s time to update ASAP because your site definitely is not mobile-friendly. But you can also use the mobile-friendly tester by entering your website address in the mobile-friendly test tool above…

But the bigger picture is not to just make sure your website is mobile-friendly (or risk the wrath of the almighty Google) but to also provide an experience that rewards smartphone searchers with rich, useful information from their searches. After all, that’s what search engines want to give their users…and we can help.